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Plugged In

Treasures From the Forbidden City


"Album of Twelve Months of Seasonal Activities." (Photo: © The Palace Museum)

“Album of Twelve Months of Seasonal Activities.” (Photo: © The Palace Museum)

Indulge your inner voyeur and cross the threshold into the Vancouver Art Gallery’s The Forbidden City: Inside the Court of China’s Emperors (Oct. 18 to Jan. 11). The exhibition showcases nearly 200 awe-inspiring artefacts from Beijing’s Palace Museum, a historic site that mysteriously closed its gates to the world for 500 years. The array of rare treasures includes 80 that have never travelled beyond the palace walls, and ranges from paintings and ivory to ceramics and textiles. It’s a peek into the past that’s impossible to resist.

How to Watch Live Feeds of Wildlife Cams for Free

Brown bear portrait II

Brown bear portrait (Photo: Tambako the Jaguar)

It is amazing what humankind can overcome with the click of a button these days. What was once an extremely uncommon occurrence—being able to witness magnificent wildlife roaming their natural habitat—has just became a lot easier. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can head to Explore.org, where over 15 live feed cameras of animals can be seen for free. These cameras bring viewers footage of magnificent creatures, landscapes and other interesting bits of nature that they may have never seen otherwise, including views of polar bears roaming, brown bears fishing for salmon, beluga migrations, the inner workings of a beehive as well as natural occurrences like the Northern Lights and the changing leaves of autumn. We recommend that you check out the camera feeds, but with a warning: once you start watching, you may not be able to stop.

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Avoid Gridlock on Your Next Getaway with 4 Free Traffic Apps


Want to get around the traffic jams and beat the speed traps without shelling out $59.99 for a TomTom navigation system? The traffic apps we’ve rounded up here are some of the best on the market now and our top favourites. (more…)

Our 5 Favourite Free Mobile Weather Apps


“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

—Mark Twain

Weather is one of those great equalizers: it affects everyone, everywhere. So it stands to reason that there are tons (heaps and piles, actually) of weather apps to choose from. We’ve waded through to find our favourites for Canadian travellers.

See the app reviews. »

Best Apps for Budget Travel


From left: Gas Price Finder, KAYAK Mobile, Wi-Fi Finder

After polling a few tech-savvy budget travellers, we’ve rounded up the five most useful budget travel apps to use while on the road. And, of course, being true penny-pinching apps, all of them are free! (more…)

5 Eco Apps for Green Travellers

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


Travel encompasses so many systems and industries that it’s impossible to plan a 100 per-cent squeaky green trip. This collection of apps will help make your trip more sustainable, but keep mind that some of the best green travel apps are hyperlocal—the ones that plot car-sharing and bike-sharing locations on maps, detail public transit options and offer comprehensive feedback on local shops and restaurants. (more…)

Essential Apps for On-the-Road Fitness


Photo: lululemon athletica

A good hotel gym is hard to find, and if you’re stuck in a spot without a decent health club, jogging path or lap pool, it’s easy to write off your fitness regimen altogether. But a travel-sized workout can be much more than a few half-hearted sit-ups in front of the TV—these apps will help you keep up with your training wherever you go. (more…)

Cowbird: From Journaling to Journalism


Cowbird works well as a platform for sharing travel stories and photos (Screenshot: Cowbird.com)

Sites that help you share trip photos and map favorite places are a dime a dozen. But Cowbird, a new diary platform with a global eye, could help you hone trip tidbits into travel journalism.


Toronto Life Launches New Best Restaurants App


One of Canada’s most widely read city magazines, Toronto Life, launched a Toronto Best Restaurants app for iPad and iPhone today. (more…)

4 Tips for Offline Map Access with Mobile Devices


From left to right: Nokia Maps, PDF Maps, Galileo

You can avoid most data-roaming charges by downloading a good Wi-Fi finder. But being out of range will render the Google Maps function on your Apple device useless.

To access offline maps you have a few options—besides, you know, carrying around an actual map. (more…)

Flirt En Français (and 9 Other Languages) with TripLingo Romance Edition

You’re on vacation in Quebec and you’ve caught the eye of the cutie across the bar—and now he’s coming over to talk. Can you maintain a witty flirtation in a foreign tongue? With the fun TripLingo Romance Edition app it’s at least worth a try. (more…)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: 7 iPad Travel Apps Reviewed

Stuck on Earth iPad app

By Pamela MacNaugtan

Face it: when you’re on the road, either you have an iPad or you have iPad envy. Travel and iPads just click. (more…)