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8 Decadent Montreal Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Gargamel cake at Fous Desserts

By Marcella DeVincenzo

Montreal’s pastry chefs have got flaky pastries, rich mousses and cream-filled confections from around the globe down to a science. Here are some of the city’s sweet favourites.

Mini lemon tarts from Patisserie Rhubarbe

1. Mini lemon tarts – Patisserie Rhubarbe
The tangy and sweet lemon custard on a crunchy cookie topped with a dollop of perfect meringue is out of this world. Actually anything coming out of Patisserie Rhubarbe is absolutely irresistible. 5091 Lanaudière St., Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal; 514-903-3395 [map]


2. Cannoli – Pasticceria Alati-Caserta
Cannoli are the way to go at this Little Italy pastry shop. The shells are flawless with their crunch and the ricotta cream is rich and smooth. Pick up one of their big lobster tails as well; they are something to talk about, with the flakey exterior and superbly sweet and velvety interior. 277 Dante St., Little Italy, Montreal; 514-271-3013 [map]

3. The Royal – Première Moisson
Whatever your selection may be at this chain will undoubtedly be heavenly. A favourite is the Royal: chocolate mousse on a base of white chocolate, praline feuilletine with a milk chocolate glaze and roasted almonds. 10 stores in downtown Montreal including: Jean-Talon Market, 7075 Casgrain Ave., Little Italy;
Montreal; 514-270-3701

The Royal at Permier Moisson

4. Gargamel – Fous Desserts
Fous is a Montreal go-to spot for pastries and the Gargamel is the dessert of choice for locals. The cake is a concoction of milk chocolate mousse atop a crunchy praline layer and a caramel–almond nougat center. 809 Laurier Ave. E., Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal; 514-273-9335 [map]

Éclair at Patisserie de la Gare

5. Éclairs – Patisserie de la Gare

The éclairs at this shop are sublime. The smooth shell is filled with delectable custard and their fabulous chocolate makes the perfect topper. 24 Westminster Ave. N., Montreal West, Montreal; 514- 484-7565 [map]


6. Chocolate Babka – Cheskie Heimishe Bakery
Rich chocolate is placed layer upon layer to create a marble-like design. This deliciously sweet and gooey creation will completely get your hands sticky, but it’s so worth it. 359 Bernard St. W., Outremont, Montreal; 514-271-2253 [map]

Zeppole at La Cornetteria

7. Zeppole – La Cornetteria
The ultimate indulgence, the zeppole at this Italian pastry shop are deep-fried dough filled with wonderful ricotta or smooth Nutella. 6528 St. Laurent Blvd., Little Italy, Montreal; 514-277-8030 [map]


8. Sospiri – Pasticceria Alati-Caserta
These amazing morsels of soft ladyfinger cookies filled with delightful and rich cannoli cream take your breath away. Maybe that’s why they’re called sospiri, meaning “breath” in Italian. 277 Dante St., Little Italy, Montreal; 514-271-3013 [map]


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