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Kid Stuff

50 Things To Do With Kids in Montreal


# 3 – Granby Zoo (Photo: Austin H. Kapfumvuti)

Montreal is a festival city, and explodes with activity year-round. There’s always something family friendly to do, whether it’s biking on the waterfront, learning circus skills, exploring a living-history or science museum or pigging out at the city’s decadant ice-cream parlours, chocolate shops and crêperies. (more…)

9 Tips for Stress-Free Road Trips with Kids


Planning on hauling the kids along for your next weekend away? Good news: travelling with kids needn’t be a sanity sucker. Plan ahead, be prepared and channel some inner zen for the inevitable refrain, “Are we there yet?”


12 Free March Break Activity Ideas for Kids


Free tip #5: hit the public skating rinks (Photo: Cristian Bortes)

March Break is coming up soon, and maybe you’re hopping on a plane to warmer climes. But for the rest of us, Canadian Family has twelve great tips for a family “staycation”—all of them entirely free. (more…)

5 Fun Cold-Weather Activities With Kids in Niagara Falls

Photo by Kevin Millican

By William Travis

Sure, you may have to bundle the kids up for a glimpse of the falls themselves in late fall or winter, but watching the 100,000 cubic feet of rushing water plunge downward is still a thrill no matter what season it is. Away from the falls, indoor and outdoor activities make Niagara Falls a fun winter getaway.

View as a slideshow… (more…)

Keep Kids Happy En Route with 13 All-Canadian Songs

Keeping kids entertained on extended road trips is no small feat, as evidenced by the popularity of portable DVD players and game systems marketed to the under-12 set. Singalongs have long been a family friendly car activity, but these all-Canadian songs by artists like Bedouin Soundclash and Feist, chosen by the editors over at Canadian Family, might get mom and dad’s toes tapping, too. (Read: no Raffi.)

At the very least, they are less likely to provoke a migraine than the fifty-seventh repeat of “Wheels on the Bus”.

See the 13-song slideshow at CanadianFamily.ca.

Image by Klaus Hiltscher