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11 Things Travellers Will Love About the New American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card [SPONSORED]

American Express AIR MILES Reserve CardWhere Canada is proud to partner with American Express and AIR MILES to introduce the Reserve Card. This new credit card offers so many premium travel benefits to Cardmembers, that we thought we’d highlight a few of the best for you! Below, check out 11 of the many things to love about the new American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card.

1. A companion can travel with you—without paying airfare!
Once a year, when you redeem reward miles for a round-trip economy flight within the AIR MILES Flight Program, you can receive a select Companion Flight for someone to travel with you on the same itinerary. Service, gas and tax charges aren’t covered, but the reward miles are—up to a generous 1,450.

2. You don’t have to pay the Flight Administration Fee
When you book online or over the phone, AIR MILES will waive their flight administration fee, so you can spend your money on the trip itself!

3. You can book flights outside of the AIR MILES Flight Program
That’s right, Reserve Cardmembers can book outside of the AIR MILES network. An extended universe of airlines, classes, departure times and destinations is open to you thanks to the FlexFly program.

4. You can combine reward miles and your Reserve card to get the flight you want
The FlexFly program lets you use a combination of reward miles and your American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card to book flights. The redemption rate for an AIR MILES FlexFly redemption is 770 AIR MILES reward miles per $100.

6. You can redeem reward miles to cover taxes and fees
This one’s a Reserve Card exclusive! The feature lets you cover the costs of flight taxes and fees with your AIR MILES reward miles when you book your flights using your Reserve Card.

7. Grab a cab from the Priority Lane
At Toronto’s Pearson Airport, Reserve Cardmembers can skip the lines at the cab stand by jumping into a taxi or limo in the Priority Lane. All you have to do is flash your Reserve card!

8. You get access to 600 airport lounges
Every year, Reserve Cardmembers receive four complimentary visits to airport lounges across the globe. Even if you use these all up, you can still gain access for just US$27 per visit.

7. You can get AIR MILES Business Class seats on planes
You have the option to use the reward miles you collect with your American Express AIR MILES Reserve Credit Card for business class seats on a wide range of flights.

9. A concierge is at your service
An AIR MILES Concierge Specialist will go above and beyond to give you personalized trip-planning advice. They’ll help you book tickets or arrange a companion flight.

10. You get to use the Pearson Priority Security Lane
You know that special queue at airport security that allows certain travellers to zip through faster than everyone else? You could be in it. At Toronto’s Pearson airport, Reserve Cardmembers just have to flash their card (and boarding pass) to get in the express line.

11. 24/7 customer care is at your disposal
American Express’s dedicated team of award-winning customer service reps are ready to take calls and help out Reserve Cardmembers—all day, all night, and from anywhere in the world.

This post is sponsored by American Express Canada. To learn more about the American Express AIR MILES Reserve Card, click here!

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