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Stash Your Stuff With Hidden-Pocket Undies


Men's and women's hidden-pocket undies from Clever Travel Companion

Savvy travellers hide money in some pretty creative places: socks or shoes, bras, wrist cuffs and hats. What they don’t do is use money belts and neck pouches. Thieves have long been hip to those “security” measures.

Some enterprising folks we know have even sewn hidden pockets into their pants, bras or undies. New company Clever Travel Companion has taken the idea commercial with hidden-pocket tank tops, t-shirts, underwear and long underwear for men and women.

The pockets are big enough to hold a passport and several credit cards, and underwear come with two pockets each. We love that the undies are actually fashionable: boy-short styles for women and boxer briefs for men, in several striped or solid colours. Tees and tanks are less exciting (but meant to be under-layers anyway). Most items are 95% to 100% cotton; prices are $25–$36 plus shipping from the US.

Safety tip: As with any hidden valuables, we don’t recommend reaching for them at the cash register. Some cash and a credit card should be accessible in a wallet, exterior pocket or purse. Hidden pockets work best as a backup plan for emergency items like a passport or passport copy, an extra credit card and enough cash to get you home in a pinch.

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