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6 Incredibly Cool Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


1. JOOS Orange, 2. Baby Bobble water bottle, 3. Hadaki Lug Around Pod, 4. Iqua Sun, 5. LUSH shampoo bar, 6. Drop Bedol Water Alarm Clock

When planning your next adventure, whether it be a weekend trip or a ’round-the-world expedition, gear up with these six eco-conscious travel accessories and reduce those carbon footprints wherever you go.

1. Solar battery charger

That clump of tangled chargers not only takes up precious suitcase space, it wastes energy. Get the JOOS Orange: a portable solar panel that charges cell phones, iPads, game devices, and other small electronics. Climbers can charge their phone mountainside and campers can “JOOS up” their phones before hitting the trails. According to the company it works in low light and light rain.

2. Reusable water bottle with purification filter

Plastic bottles stay in landfills forever and recycling bins can be hard to find while traveling. The solution? Bring a Bobble or another reusable bottle with a purification system (the attractive Bobble comes in various colours and sizes—even a kids’ version.) Drink from the tap without feeling an ounce of guilt or consuming dangerous chemicals. The planet stays pristine and you may find yourself with more cash on hand for souvenirs.

3. Fashion-friendly, ecologically constructed baggage

Thanks to Hadaki, environmentally sound no longer means dull. Hadaki makes eco-friendly bags, totes, and purses that are also fashionable. When it comes to carry-ons, weekenders, laptop bags and cosmetics pouches made from earth-safe fabrics, these are the hippest things in baggage claim.

4. Solar-powered headset

Both earthy bohemians and tech-savvy travelers will appreciate these solar-powered blue-tooth headsets by Iqua Sun. Chit chat until the sun goes down while saving energy.

5. Earth- and skin-safe cosmetics

LUSH, a Vancouver-based cosmetics company must have had professional wanderers like us in mind when they created their shampoo bars. Because they’re not liquid, they can slide right into a carry-on without being scrutinized at security. And unlike a bottle, a shampoo bar won’t open up and leave a slimy mess over everything. And for just $4 you can get a perfectly sized tin to transport your bars. LUSH makes all of their products sans harsh chemicals, excess packaging, and animal byproducts.

6. Water-powered alarm clock

Rest assured, the Drop water-powered travel alarm clock from Bedol is planet friendly, more fun than the wake-up call, and more reliable than plug-in clocks. And who can resist the bright colors and water-droplet shape?

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