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Would Plane Red’s “all-you-can-fly” subscription fly in Canada?

Plane Red’s new flying concept is simple and almost too good to be true, as stated on their website: “ Our goal is to change the way we fly. No more buying outrageously priced tickets. No more lost luggage. No more middle seats in a cramped cabin. And no more TSA.”

How? The company is offering “all-you-can-fly” subscriptions to their first 500 supporters and those who recruit the most friends to the program for as low as $150 per month. Additionally, should this concept become popular, Plane Red is capping their subscriptions between 10,000 to 15,000 on any given route. To circumnavigate the TSA, as described in Forbes, each trip will fly 9 passengers as opposed to the minimum 10 that the TSA requires. This enables frequent trips in cities that are two to four hours from the departure city. Currently, the program is being rolled out in American cities on the East Coast such as Atlantic City, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, and hoping to rapidly expand to the West Coast. As Plane Red continues to develop, they are fielding frequently asked questions on their tumblr.

So far, the response is positive. When asked by Matador Network, “Would you pay a monthly subscription fee for unlimited air travel?” 62 out of 72 readers  (86%) said yes.

I am curious to the response, should a similar program be initiated within Canada.

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