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Want to Avoid Canadian Roaming Fees? Turn Off Your Phone


Remember these? Might be cheaper than using your cell phone while travelling (Photo: Friscocali)

Getting hit with a huge cell phone bill after your vacation is a real bummer, and it happens more than it should, to Canadians in particular. We have some of the most expensive roaming rates in the world. Rates which “have no relation to what it costs to provide the service,” John Lawford, counsel at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, told a reporter at Postmedia News.

More of what stinks about cell phone roaming for Canadians:

•  Roaming rates are often given as a per-kilobyte rate, a measure no one actually uses for data anymore—we’re used to measurements in megabytes and gigabytes these days
•  Cell phone companies make about 10 per cent of their revenue from roaming charges
•  Even packages designed for travel aren’t great deals

Customers are fighting back, however—by turning their phones off while travelling, using their phones less or even switching companies. Get the full story at Canada.com.

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