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Want the Best Prices on Flights for Labour Day? Better Book Now


Travel Web site and booking engine Travelocity has announced that the period between July 20 and 26, six weeks before the holiday, is the best time to book flights in order to get the lowest prices. That gives you until midnight tonight to make your travel plans if you want the best deal. The conclusion is based on trends over five years of flight booking with the Web site.

Not surprisingly, prices are expected to go up steadily until Labour Day, with suckers—er, travellers—who book just before the long weekend (August 24–31) expected to pay the most: an estimated 23 per cent more on average per round-trip ticket.

Rest assured, though, that if you can’t get your travel plans together until next week, you won’t pay much more than if you book now. Travelocity estimates only a US$5 in ticket prices from this week until next.

All data was based on U.S. trips and reported in U.S. dollars.

As always, being flexible with the date and time of your flights gets you the best prices. And we’ve heard time and again that buying a ticket just after midnight on Tuesday is the way to get those rock-bottom deals.

Good luck!

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