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Tripadvisor Readers Choose Top Canadian Destinations

BC's Tofino was voted the top Canadian beach by Tripadvisor readers. Photo by Jesse Edmonds.

Yesterday Tripadvisor released its 2011 Travelers’ Choice awards, choosing the top destinations (by country or continent) for hotels, food and wine, beaches, and family travel, in addition to ranking the top 25 destinations in the world.

Most of the picks are no-brainers. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver appear as food-and-wine favourites; Niagara Falls is the #1 family destination) but there are some surprises:

  • In the Top 25 Destinations in Canada category, the West sweeps the medal slots, with Banff at #1, followed by Vancouver and Victoria. No Montreal? Ce n’est pas possible!
  • The Cairns Motel in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, was the fourth most popular bargain hotel in the world. In the world, people! Canada was noticeably absent from all of the other worldwide hotel categories. Note to Canadian hoteliers: lots of room for growth here.
  • Canada has beaches. Okay, that’s not the surprise, but Canada rarely gets any beach love, so it is surprising that Tripadvisor bothered to pull together the top 10 Canadian beaches. Obviously, Tofino pulled out the top spot. But the dark horse may be Cape Breton Island, ranking as #6 despite frigid temperatures for much of the year. The whale factor at work?
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, made it into the top 25 Canadian destinations despite the recent bruhaha over a disparaging Air Canada memo. We knew it all along: Winnipeg is a proud member of the Where family. I mean, have you been to the Forks? ‘Nuff said.
  • Small-city Ontario featured prominently on the Canadian destinations list, with Windsor, Kingston, Thunder Bay and London among the top 25.
  • Everyone may not be hip to the fabulous farm-to-table prowess of Niagara-on-the-Lake, which took the top slot for food-and-wine destinations. But it’s no secret to us at Where—if we can toot our own horn for a moment—as we’ll be featuring a food tour of NOTL next week.

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