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TripAdvisor Says Proving Reviews are Legit is an Unrealistic Expectation

Travel website TripAdvisor launched a verbal counter-attack against a ruling last week by the British Advertising Standards Authority that prohibits the UK website from claiming its reviews are from trusted travellers.

In a statement yesterday, TripAdvisor complained that “the ruling flies in the face of common sense and is unrealistic in its expectations from sites like ours”.

TripAdvisor further defended its crowdsourced reviews, saying, “the average traveller reads dozens of reviews before making an informed decision, not just one or two.” The company also said that 98 per cent of respondents in a recent survey found TripAdvisor hotel reviews to be accurate—though, admittedly, the survey in question was commissioned by TripAdvisor.

Read the full TripAdvisor statement at HotelMarketing.com.

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