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Travellers Would Rather Lose Wedding Ring than Mobile Device


Photo: DG Jones

In a new poll by Intel, more than 50 per cent of those surveyed said they’d feel anxious travelling without their mobile devices and more than 75 per cent said they’d rather lose their wedding ring than their laptop or tablet.

Younger travellers, ages 18 to 29, felt most bereft without their mobile devices and nearly 90 per cent admitted their electronics made them feel happier.

The majority of people polled—64 per cent—said they had sacrificed personal appearance and hygiene supplies (hair dryers, toiletries or shoes, for example) to make room for mobile devices.

Despite the attachment to laptops and tablets, they do, it seems, cause travellers some angst, too: 52 per cent reported having to lug power cables and other accessories with them as a major annoyance and nearly half reported stress over the possibility of losing their devices while travelling or of their devices’ security being compromised.

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