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Travellers Choose Loyalty Program Benefits Over Spouses

We knew that people were crazy about racking up rewards points, but we didn’t know that they’d choose these benefits over their spouses.

In a study conducted by Starwood Hotels, 73 per cent of respondents said that if they could only take one item with them while traveling, they would take their hotel loyalty program benefits; only 15 per cent opted for another choice on the survey: their spouse or partner.

The study surveyed 9,900 people from around the world who travel more than 25 days per year.

In another blow to marital bliss, 76 per cent of those surveyed anticipated that their hotel loyalty program status would outlast their marriage. Ouch.

Other interesting tidbits from the study:

  • 70 per cent feel their loyalty program is handier than a smartphone, tablet or personal assistant
  • 50 per cent rate loyalty programs most important, above credit cards and airline loyalty programs
  • 73 per cent report they have taken extra business trips just to accrue more loyalty program benefits


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