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Travel and iPad Go Together

Photo by Jared Earle

By Amanda Yiu

A new study published by mobile advertising network Greystripe reveals that 67% of iPad users are frequent travelers. It also found that 91% of iPad users regularly engage with their device for travel-related activities, from booking flights to getting directions and finding the best local restaurants.

To gather the findings in the report, titled “Smartphone and Tablet Travel Insights” (PDF), Greystripe collected data from 971 iPad, iPhone (including iPod Touch) and Android users over a monthlong period.

The report found that travelers use smartphones and the iPad differently. Touch smartphone users were more likely to pull their mobile device out on the ground: to get directions, find restaurants, and take photos. The iPad, on the other hand, is more popular for planning: comparing travel options, researching, and booking travel, likely due to the tablet’s larger canvas and enhanced navigation.

Greystripe commissioned the study after noticing a nearly 50 percent increase in travel-related mobile ad campaigns in the past year.

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