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To Book a Flight, Just Tweet “Buy”


Photo: TweetAFlight.com

Has this happened to you? See a flight sale on Twitter, click through to the airline’s Web site only to find it sold out—or that that advertised sale is mysteriously missing. With a new Twitter add-on you can take advantage of tweeted sales immediately and directly, simply by replying “Buy” to the tweet.

The new TweetAFlight “instant sales channel” allows anyone to buy airline tickets directly from Twitter. The functionality is provided by Chirpify, which relies on PayPal. So you will need both Chirpify and PayPal accounts to participate. Confirmation and e-tickets are sent to your e-mail account.

To those of us prone to buyer’s remorse, the inability to do a final once-over for a purchase is somewhat terrifying. On the other hand, the ability to hop on a deal at lightning speed is definitely attractive.

TweetAFlight may be available as early as this summer.


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