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Tips For Surviving the Family Road Trip

Photo by James Tworow

My summers were always peppered with road trips, either camping with my father to California or tagging along with my best friend and her clan to spots around B.C. One thing all these trips had in common (besides a game of I Spy when my mother came along) was the eventual resentment I felt when forced into car confinement, which was often directly proportionate to my excitement to get to the destination. The Globe & Mail offers these tips on surviving the family road trip:

Leave prepared: Stock up on games, portable DVD player, iPods, snacks, toys, music and other distracting activities that can be held in a confined space.

Take breaks: If your kid won’t sit still for five hours at home, why would they do so with no complaints in a car—plan park breaks where they can get out some energy for twenty minutes.

Get them involved: Sit down with them before the trip and plan it out together, have them pick stops along to make along the way.

You can read the story for more tips here.

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