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Take That Tax Refund and Travel


In the real world, Canadians are responsible and tuck their tax refunds ($1,506 on average in 2011) into debt payments or savings and investments, according to a BMO poll, but if they had their druthers, the majority of Canadians would spend their refund on travel, an Expedia.ca survey reveals.

The most travel-happy Canadians seem to be British Columbians, of whom 63 per cent said they’d spend on travel, followed by Albertans (55 per cent) and Ontarians (51 per cent).

Canadians were divided, however, on where they’d go, with 25 per cent choosing tropical destinations, 22 per cent choosing Europe and 17 and 16 per cent opting for Canadian and U.S. destinations, respectively.

Results are based on 1,004 Canadians polled by Expedia.ca.

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