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Share Your Local Knowledge with Google Mapmaker

By Waheeda Harris

If you’ve ever been burned by mistakes in Google Maps, you can now take matters into your own hands.

Google Mapmaker, recently launched in Canada and the United States, allows anyone to add, edit and embellish Google Maps and Google Earth through Mapmaker. User-generated map edits were previously only available for creating maps saved to private Google accounts (the My Places feature), but now these edits can become part of the permanent Google Maps structure. Add more detailed roads, plot new or as-yet overlooked favourite hometown finds or places discovered while on the road, or revise incorrect information.

You can learn how to use the feature via the Map Makerpedia, which explains all the ins and outs of modifying existing roadways, pathways and cycling routes. For a quick intro, see Google’s Canada-specific video.

Google reviews and approves all additions before making changes.

Eventually, Mapmaker will be available for 188 countries.

Since the launch of Mapmaker in the late fall, Canadians have been busy adding details, with the top five cities: Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and the city with the most construction in the country, Toronto, at number one.


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