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Reese Mini’s Awards The Perfectly Tiny Across Canada

Charlottetown, P.E.I. winner Lori Joy and her tiny artwork. Image via The Guardian

By Waheeda Harris

Canadians appreciate the little things – with one of the planet’s biggest land masses with a small population, we know a thing or two about being the little guy.

Reese, the popular chocolate company, wanted to find the best of the small in our nation and spent two weeks in August roaming coast to coast to find those wee places or people to receive the newly-launched Perfectly Tiny Award.

Those lucky enough to be selected received a year’s supply of the new Reese minis, a large trophy and bragging rights for revelling in the small.

Five cities – Greenwood, BC, Prince George, BC, Edmonton, AB, Sackville, NS and Charlottetown PEI were the winners for five different tiny reasons. And what did the judges discover?

From a tiny fish catcher to a small dog rescuer, small horses to wee artistic creations, Canadians have pride in the petite, and congratulations to the first five to be on the award list. “We were looking for people with passion, and we certainly found them,” explained Sean Citrigno, Reese spokesperson and member of the Perfectly Tiny search team.

A special kudos to the city of Greenwood, located in the Kootenay region of BC, as the smallest city in Canada. With a proud population of 625 residents, their mighty yet tiny outlook garnered them a Perfectly Tiny Award.

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