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Protecting Your Privacy on Smartphones

Photo by Alvaro Canivell

We all take precautions (hopefully) to make sure our credit cards are safely tucked away and no one sees the PIN to our bank card, but what about cell phones and smartphones?The latter, especially, are key security risks since they store not only personal information like phone numbers, addresses and birthdays, but apps that quickly link to our e-mail, banking and shopping portals with stored credit card information.

Do you keep all of these password locked?

A survey says most Canadians don’t.

The subsequent report revealed that just four in ten Canadians surveyed by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada use password locks on their mobile devices or maintain settings to allow limited access to personal information stored on their phones and tablets.

Given how easily you can lose a phone, and the rise in smartphone use for online shopping and mobile banking, this is of special concern.

Want to protect yourself? Read this helpful (if dense) article from Computerworld, which includes a Mobile Security Survival Guide download.

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