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Preferred Seating on Airlines: the Joke’s on the Customer

Seat Selection Fees on Major Canadian Airlines
Airline loyalty program members may be exempt.

Air Canada

Tango passengers: $18–$26 depending on the length of the flight
Tango Plus and Latitude passengers: free


1 hour or less*: $3
1–2.5 hours: $7
More than 2.5 hours: $10
Up to 24 hours (and no less than 30 minutes) before your flight: free
*flight time per segment


Firm class ticket (the cheapest fares): $15
Freedom or Flexible ticket (two to four times more expensive than Firm fares): free

Air North

Go Yukon! or Saver class ticket: $15
Optimum class ticket (up to three times as expensive as other fares): free

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One response to “Preferred Seating on Airlines: the Joke’s on the Customer”

  1. James says:

    The seat selection with Air Canada is a joke! Me and my wife were automatically seated in the row just ahead of the exit row on a 767-300 (meaning your seat will not recline). When I called AC to change our seats they offered back of the bus seating or preferred economy seating at $70 per seat. We decided to take the free option and get seats further back in the plane. When I went back online to check my reservation it seems they are now offering our original 2 seats at $25.00 a pop. So those seats were free for us but now some poor soul will have to shell out extra dough to sit in a seat that does not recline. Go figure?

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