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No One Loves the Beach More than Canadians

Brackley Beach, PEI; photo courtesy of Tourism PEI/John Sylvester

Canadians, apparently, love beach vacations more than the average traveller: 45 per cent of Canadians said the beach was their preferred vacation destination in a recent Expedia survey, compared with 33 per cent of travellers around the globe who chose the beach as their favourite place to get away.

Canadians spend an average of two days longer at the beach than U.S. vacationers: 7.8 days on average versus 5.6 days for Americans.

What do we Canadians do at the beach? Swimming was the top activity by far (68 per cent rated it number one), though 34 per cent of Canadians were more fond of snorkelling—a higher percentage than any other region surveyed. (Perhaps because there’s not much snorkelling to be found within our borders?)

The survey questioned 8,599 people (1,249 Canadians) in 21 countries across five continents.

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