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New Anti-Cruelty Sled Dog Protections Passed in BC


Photo: Kris Krüg

The adventure travel industry in Canada was cast in a negative light in 2010 when a mass grave of up to 100 dogs was discovered near Whistler, British Columbia. New legislation passed in BC this week aims to prevent mistreatment and gruesome killings of sled dogs.

The new Sled Dog Code of Practice outlines standards for the dogs’ nutrition, housing, health, working conditions and socialization to help them adjust to post-sled-pulling life. The code also addresses euthanasia practices.

All standards are required to be in place by October 2012.

Though the BC SPCA has called the Code of Practice a “good first step“, the Vancouver Humane Society says the law doesn’t go far enough. One of the concerns of VHS is that “the standards provide no resources for on-site inspections or enforcement of the regulations.” The BC SPCA has also urged that funding for enforcement is needed.

British Columbia has the country’s most comprehensive laws for sled dog treatment.


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