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Longer Sunday Shopping Hours Coming to Manitoba?


Photos (clockwise from top left): Ken Hawkins, Tommaso Galli, tonx, Nick Papakyriazis

The province of Manitoba is looking into relaxing the limitations on its Sunday shopping hours, which are now the strictest in Canada.

Manitoba’s Retail Business Holiday Closing Act prohibits businesses with more than four employees working at one time from opening on Sunday at all (except with a limited staff of four or fewer employees). And though some municipalities—including Winnipeg—have passed bylaws to get around the regulation, stores exceeding the four-employees-at-one-time rule can only open between noon and 6 pm. The existing provincial law also provides Manitoban workers the right to refuse working on a Sunday in most cases.

The province hasn’t said what the new provisions will be, only that they’ll be “less restrictive.”

According to today’s results of a poll by the Winnipeg Free Press, more locals are for the relaxed hours (56%) than against it (31%).

The only other province that restricts Sunday hours is Prince Edward Island, where shops have to close at midnight Saturday and may not open until noon on Sunday.

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