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How to Travel the World on $0 a Day


Think you don’t have the money to travel? German journalist and filmmaker Michael Wigge set out to prove that money is no object to getting around the globe. Starting in Berlin, he travelled to Montreal, the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Peru (where he hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu), Argentina and even Antarctica—25,000 miles in total, 11 countries and 4 continents—all without a dime.

So how can you, too, travel on $0 a day?

Well, it might help to have a great story about how you’re a journalist making a television series about travelling the world for free. But here are a few tips for the rest of us hoping to travel on a budget of chutzpah and charm alone:

  • Have lots of time. Wigge’s trip took 150 days, since travel was often by slow boat (literally, working on a container ship) and hitchhiking.
  • Be willing to dumpster dive. No money at all, means no money for even a hot dog from a street vendor. Wigge did some dumpster diving, and also was able to barter for food.
  • Be willing to work. Wigge often had to work to earn money for transport, including carrying other hikers’ bags up the Inca Trail (and almost losing consciousness in the process).
  • Be willing to make a fool of yourself. Not only did Wigge have to approach many strangers for favours, hto make money in Las Vegas, he offered himself up as a human sofa, at $1 per sit.

A TV show of Wigge’s journey is airing now in the U.S. No Canadian air dates as yet, but you can order the How to Travel the World for Free DVD, e-book or print book (the latter includes free worldwide shipping) online.

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