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The Sexy Lady Fakeout and Other Hotel Pet Peeves

Minibar fees: one of the things Oyster.com hates about hotels

It’s the conundrum of the hospitality world: stay at a Holiday Inn and you surf the Internet for free; stay at a luxury hotel and you’re charged a per diem for Wi-Fi.

What’s the deal?

Hotel review website Oyster.com recently listed this Wi-Fi gouging as its top grievance among its “11 Things We Hate About Hotels”.

We’d like to add a some peeves of our own, such as: lack of towel bars, furniture placed far from outlets, smoke smell in no-smoking rooms and paper-thin doors.

As for Oyster.com’s list, we can’t say we’ve ever been instructed on how to flush the loo, but it wasn’t hard to find some Canadian examples of a few of the other items on the list.

#3: The Photo Fakeout, i.e. “Sexy Lady Phenomenon”

From a Tripadvisor user photo of Vancouver’s Rosedale on Robson Hotel (which, incidentally, gets high marks on that site nevertheless):

And the hotel’s own photo:

#11 Pricey Valet Charges (as your only parking option)

To name a few:

Thompson Toronto: $33/night

Hotel le St-James (Montreal): $35/night

Fairmont Palliser (Calgary): $37/night

#5 The $10 bottle of Water

Technically, this bottle of Aquafina at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel was $9.95. So it’s a steal, right?

#1 Wi-Fi Fees

Some of the ritziest of hotel chains across Canada bill guests a daily rate for Wi-Fi: Fairmont hotels, W hotels, and, yes, the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto, to name a few.

—Shannon Kelly

Minibar photo by UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO // WORLD // TRAVEL ]

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