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Most Pet-Friendly Airlines Revealed

Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman

Flying with your pet can be rife with stress. Worrying about how they’ll do in their carrier or whether there’s space for them to settle in comfortably can be enough to give up on travelling together, all together.

To facilitate the process, each year Petfinder.com rates US airlines on their pet-friendly practices, and this year they’ve expanded their list to include Canadian carriers.

Companies are evaluated in six categories: Most Pet-Friendly Overall, Best Amenities for Pets, Best for Transporting Pet Variety (think going beyond cats and dogs), Best for Budget-Conscious Consumers, Best for Flying Multiple Pets in Cabin and Best for Big Furry Friends.

WestJet took the prize of Best for Budget-Conscious Consumers for their $50 rate for in-cabin small dog, cat, rabbit and bird fares. The clear overall winner, though, was Pet Airways, a US airline that flies to nine major cities and is pets only, with a staff that checks on its passengers every 15 minutes and lets them out of their carriers when they need a bathroom break.

What’s been your best airline experience travelling with your pet? Share your story on Facebook or Twitter.

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