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Got Bedbugs? Check This App Before You Book Your Hotel

Toronto bedbug reports from the Bedbug Registry Web site

An app that reports bedbug complaints throughout North America has been released by the same folks behind the Bedbug Registry Web site.The Bedbug Registry app is a public database that compiles reports from users who’ve sighted bedbugs in hotels and apartment buildings. Sightings are mapped and listed alongside user complaints. You can add your own reports, too.

When the Bedbug Registry Web site launched in 2008, despite its popularity, it received some backlash for not being comprehensive, for allowing unverified claims and for possibly encouraging users to report to the Web site rather than to local public health authorities. (Editor’s note: please do that!)

Maciej Ceglowski, who launched the site, told the Toronto Star that he’d also prefer city departments to provide this service to the public, but that hasn’t happened. Ceglowski admits that the database isn’t complete, and is based on anonymous reports. But really, is that any different than TripAdvisor?

Of course, as with TripAdvisor, you should take these reports with a grain of salt. A disgruntled guest or employee can easily fabricate a claim. Then again, when a hotel receives dozens of reports, you might consider staying elsewhere.

The app ($2.99) is available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.



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