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Foodspotting: A Novel Way to Choose a Restaurant

Hamburger at Simpnäs Hamncafe & Kiosk. Photo by Pellesten.

The age-old question: What’s popular on the menu? We’ve all posed this question to our server at one time, only to have them reply with “Everything,” or “What do you feel like?” or simply stare at us blankly.

Foodspotting is a Web site and app that answers this question through user-generated reviews and photos of specific dishes, whether you’re at a restaurant wondering what to order or looking for a restaurant that serves a specific item—say, salmon in Vancouver or oysters in Nova Scotia.

The site and app are easy to search and you’ll see user images of the actual dish at the restaurant (not stock photography from the eatery’s website).

Members keep food diaries in a blog format with images and comments from other users, who follow each other in the manner of Tumblr.

The biggest difference between Foodspotting and other restaurant review sites isn’t that it focuses on a single dish, it’s that it only features positive reviews. Users only shoot and comment (usually one sentence) on meals they love. The sites creators feel that even a bad restaurant might have one great dish worth going in for. Since its launch 18 months ago, Foodspotting has secured paid partnerships with Zagat and the Travel Channel.

The app recently passed the 1 million mark for downloads.

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