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Topping Canadians’ Travel Wish Lists: Pyramids and Disney World

Photo by Tim Kelley

If you asked the average Canadian to name his or her dream vacation, what would you expect to hear? A safari in Kenya? Beach bumming in Brazil? A culinary tour of Italy?

Apparently, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark, with a notable exception: Walt Disney World is the second-most desirable attraction on Canadians’ wish lists, according to a recent poll covered in the Toronto Star on Friday.

Granted, this was a survey of only about 1,500 Canadians and only those with RBC rewards cards, so it’s not exactly scientific. (See the infographic.)

At the top of the list were the Pyramids in Egypt (26% of respondents). On the heels of Disney World (15%) were the Great Wall of China (14%) and the Eiffel Tower (13%).

Most interesting is that three percent of those polled chose “none” as their answer. One wonders, then, why they have travel rewards cards?

Also interesting are the top cities Canadians would like to visit, broken down by province. They are:

  • BC: London and Rome (tie)
  • Alberta: Honolulu
  • Prairies: Honolulu
  • Ontario: Honolulu
  • Quebec: Paris
  • Atlantic Canada: Honolulu

Hm… Do you think Hawaiians dream of Banff in the winter?

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