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Better Hotel Bidding: A new tool to get the best from Priceline

By Carissa Bluestone

Just how great was your last Priceline deal? It’s always hard to tell, as the site gives few clues to its inner workings beyond a random list of recent winning bids.

For years savvy travellers have turned to forums to compare actual winning bids, but now a new “bidding buddy” site, the Bidding Traveler, helps you feel more confident about your final offer and removes some of the guesswork involved in bidding. (See a lowdown on the Bidding Traveler from SmarterTravel.com.)

The Bidding Traveler looks at both recently accepted bids and recently rejected ones, and based on those numbers makes suggestions for minimum and maximum bids, and then gives you a step-by-step bidding strategy. (The nitty-gritty, highly mathematical explanation of how the site works is here.)

There’s no guarantee that this site will beat Priceline at its own game, but it’ll surely help quash that sinking feeling that you played it too safe.

For more on getting the best Priceline deals, Frommer’s offers 10 Tips Learned When Booking Hotel Rooms in Bulk.

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