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Before the World Ends, Travellers Want to See It


Results of First Choice's "End of the World" poll (Source: First Choice)

In a recent poll, UK travel company First Choice found that if the Mayan calendar proves accurate and the world ends on December 21, 2012, most people (51 per cent) would want to spend time with family. But a healthy 22 per cent would choose travelling the world instead. Other answers included quitting work and relaxing (7 per cent), partying (6 per cent) and being charitable (1 per cent).

The survey polled 2,056 UK residents and, separately, 21 travel bloggers. Not surprisingly, perhaps, 45 per cent of the travel bloggers chose globe trotting over spending time with family (38 per cent) for their last year on earth.

And the best way (according to travel bloggers) to get the news out about the imminent end of human civilazation? Social media, of course.

See the full-size infographic at First Choice.

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