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Travel Bloggers Share Their Best Tips for Finding Budget Accommodations


Photo: Thomas Heylen

Did you know you don’t have to be a student to get the same discounts students get? Or that there are more upscale alternatives to CouchSurfing? We asked Canadian travel bloggers for their absolute best tips for finding cheap lodging while on the road and they dished on how to get deals on hotels, hostels and homestays.

If you’re going to be staying in a city for more than a week, ask your local hostel about weekly discounts. Sometimes you can save the cost of a night or two by booking for a week or more. If you’re in school, bring your student card everywhere. Plenty of attractions and tours offer student rates. If you’re out of school and under 26, look at getting the IYIC card (International Youth Travel Card). This card can save you money on everything from accommodations to transportation to attractions and even restaurants. —Corbin Fraser, iBackpackCanada

Search coupon Web sites like RetailMeNot to find deals wherever you go. Also, use sites like Groupon in your destination city months before your trip to save on accommodations and attractions. —Cailin O’Neil, Travel Yourself

When I’m looking for cheap hostels, I always look for the local places not listed online. For hotels, I find deals on Redtag.ca. —Lindsay Hogg, The Traveller

Take a look at the Student Union Book for their travel coupons. (You don’t need to be a student to buy it, and you can see what coupons they have online before you even order their book.) Find out who else has these books and swap coupons with them. —Raymond Walsh, Man on the Lam

Even some of the nicer, luxury hotels have great Internet specials for newsletter subscribers only—and really good deals. Also check out some alternative sites to CouchSurfing, like Global Freeloaders (and online community matching guests and hosts for accommodation exchange), Hospitality Club (bringing together hosts, guests, travelers and locals), and Staydu (host and travel for money, for work, or for free). There’s even the Guide to Sleeping in Airports! —Leigh McAdam, Hike Bike Travel

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