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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: Pemberton, British Columbia

Photo by splityarn

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is our series highlighting the best local restaurants across Canada. Today we are featuring top restaurant picks in Pemberton, British Columbia, which is a half hour drive north of Whistler.

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With all the golf, mountain biking and hiking in the Pemberton Valley, you’ll need a big (healthy) breakfast to fuel you for the day ahead. With plenty of seating, you won’t have to wait long for a local to give up a seat at The Pony Espresso. Pemberton is known for its potato farms, and if you feel at all bad about ordering pan fries to try them, get The Veggie Bennie: Butter braised winter leeks, spinach and goat cheese replace traditional ham, a tasty mix of healthy indulgence.

The Pony Espresso, 1392 Portage Rd., Pemberton, B.C., 604-894-5700


If you’re looking for a sandwich to stash in your pack for the day ahead, Blackbird Bakery‘s artisanal breads are the loveliest sandwich book ends you could sink your teeth into. You’ll be burning calories, so don’t feel guilty about giving in to one of their cookies or pastries.

Blackbird Bakery, 104-1436 Portage Rd., Pemberton, B.C., 604-894-6226


Whether you’ve done a round at The Meadows at Pemberton and want to toast your par, or are just looking to enjoy the views this golf course offers, The Black Squirrel Restaurant & Pub is a gem. Serving locally grown vegetables and beef—served up as burgers and steaks—the menu caters to the meat and potatoes crowd.

The Black Squirrel Restaurant & Pub, 1730 Airport Rd., Pemberton, B.C., 604-894-6197

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