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Talent Spotlight: Andrea Nixon

Photo by Candice Anne Marshall

She’s an independent singer/songwriter and Alberta Country Music Award nominee. While navigating a rising career in the music industry, she balances the demands of managing a family and inspires fans to chase after their dreams unapologetically. Meet 2018 ACMA Female Artist of the Year nominee, Andrea Nixon…

WHERE: For anyone just discovering you, describe your sound and influences.
Andrea: I absolutely love the storytelling and sonic signature of classic country and what was called Adult Contemporary in the mid 90s, when I was coming into my angst-ridden teen years. I tend to appreciate a wide range of genres, as long as there’s a story that hooks me and a line that stops me in my tracks.

W: What’s your greatest strength as a songwriter?
A: I think my greatest strength is my focus, which is quite singular. Every time I put pen to paper, I aspire to paint a story through melody and words that makes the listener understand themselves better… Through song, I express answers to questions I’ve asked myself in the hopes that those answers uncover something significant to my audience and connect us to one another.

W: What informed this album, Diary of a Housewife?
A: I was off from work raising young kids, and my husband asked if there was anything I wanted to explore in my “off time.” Having had 3 kids in 4 years, “off time” was a bit of a joke, but I began to exploit the evenings, tucking the kids into bed, then getting to work crafting the stories and melodies that would eventually find their home on this album.

W: What’s the first song you remember wishing you’d written?
A: It was “Unloved” by Jann Arden. It came out after the death of my father, and the lyrics made me feel more seen and heard than any of the condolences I was receiving from well-intentioned strangers.

W: What’s coming up for you?
A: I’ve begun putting on workshops to help budding songwriters through my partnership with Edmonton Public Library and performing at Sunrise Records, who have been a huge support in promoting my album. In the fall, I’m heading to Nashville for the first time, so lots of new adventures await.

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