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Interview with Edmonton Artist Emily Chu

Emily-ChuWHERE Edmonton: Why art? What made you want to be an artist?
Emily Chu: I look at art and design as a form of visual communication, as a challenge to balance between clarity and creativity. Being a visual person, I really enjoy these types of challenges. As well, I love to constantly experiment with different mediums and improve on my craft.

W: Did you go to school for art? Do you have any professional training?
E: Yes, I went to ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) for their Visual Communications program. I majored in Illustration.

W: What mediums do you work in/prefer?
E: Most of my commercial work is digital. However, I also have a background in painting, so I often paint with gouache.

W: What is your favourite subject to paint or illustrate?
E: A lot of my works are inspired by nature. Stylistically, I love working with colours, textures, and patterns. I tend to create images that are light-hearted and fun.

Emily-Chu-IllustrationW: What do you want to create that you haven’t yet?
E: So much! I’m always wanting to do more personal work — paintings, another graphic novel/zine, etc. I also love seeing my work on products, so I’m hoping to create a stationary set in the near future.

W: Where can readers view or purchase your work?
E: I sell my work in person at local markets, through my online store, and in various gift and comic stores in the city (Happy Harbor Comics, Vivid Print, TIX on the Square, to name a few). For updates of my markets/event listings, you can follow my Instagram: @heyemilychu, or you can visit my website to view my work and my online store.

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