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Hot Shopping: Lash Affair Lounge

Long, full lashes are always in style, and lash extensions and false eyelashes are the trendiest way to achieve the look!
Photo courtesy of Lash Affair Lounge

Long, full lashes are a consistent staple in the beauty industry, with fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and modern day divas like Beyonce showcasing their sultry, stunning eyes with voluminous eyelashes. Achieving this look isn’t easy though! Millions of dollars are spent on  mascaras, eyelash serums, and curlers to dress up eyelashes, a seemingly endless task that never yields the desired look.

In the last decade, eyelash extension services have started popping up in salons across North America. Celebrities were quick to embrace the trend and over the last four years, breakthroughs in lash extension products, procedures, and aftercare have made the service much more  accessible. Lash extensions are now an easy, affordable way to achieve desirable lashes without the use of makeup or other beauty tools.

If you are looking for a set of of these lush lashes, Lash Affair Lounge, is the perfect place to visit for the eyelashes of your dreams! This speciality salon is focused on all things lashes, and their friendly consultants are extremely knowledgeable and work with you to make your experience a comfortable one and to ensure that their services result in the desired style you are looking to achieve!

Don’t be nervous about the procedure! While to the novice it may seem invasive, it is completely pain-free and even relaxing. Courtney, owner of Lash Affair Lounge, has noticed that most women fall asleep during the procedure! It’s a very spa-like experience.

Certified technicians use tweezers to gently isolate lashes and, with another set of tweezers, pick up an extension, glide through the medical grade adhesive, and apply it to your natural lash. This is done one at a time, until your lashes are all extended. Once the procedure is finished, you can work out, swim, shower, etc. as usual and will always maintain thick lashes without fear of your mascara running or smudging!

If you’re still leery of committing to a full set of eyelash extensions, Lash Affair has several other options to help you achieve a desirable lash look: Try an application of semi-permanent mascara, which darkens and lengthens like a regular mascara but without the smudging or daily application, or a Lash Lift, which keeps natural lashes curled for up to 2 months. Either of these procedures will give your lashes a noticeable different look!

Lash Affair Lounge is launching their Signature Lash Affair false lash line this fall. This new line, inspired by the types of false lashes worn by celebrities like J.Lo. and Heidi Klum, features five different synthetic styles and four cruelty-free siberian mink fur false lash styles. In celebration of the launch of this new line, Lash Affair Lounge is giving away a pair of these false lashes (valued at $65 each) to five lucky WHERE Edmonton readers! One lucky reader will also receive a free, full set of eyelash extensions!

To enter to win the false lashes or eyelash extensions: Follow @whereedmonton on Twitter. Every few days we will tweet a new way to enter the contest; it might be replying to a tweet or re-tweeting one of our tweets. There will be six contests in total, and one prize will be given away per contest. You may enter each contest once, for a total of six entries. Each entry will be put into a draw for the prize. Be sure to follow our account and check it daily for contest details and updates!

For more details on Lash Affair Lounge’s products or services, or to book an appointment, contact Lash Affair Lounge at 780-966-7470, or visit their website. Whatever style of lash you choose, you will love your new, glam look!

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