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Hot Date: The Noble Thiefs at The Artery

The Artery (9535 Jasper Ave.) is one of Edmonton’s most trendy venues for live music, art, and socializing. Don’t let the simple exterior fool you; this venue is always bustling with locals checking out unique art displays, sampling a beer from a local brewery, or viewing a live show. The venue is easily accessible via public transit (Churchill LRT station) and also offers plenty of parking space. With special events happening nightly, this is a great place to relax and socialize while discovering music by some lesser-known but exceptionally talented artists.

Always in demand, The Artery is once again featuring the Winnipeg-based band The Noble Thiefs on Friday, February 22, 2013 (doors at 8 pm) for an 18+ show. 

The Noble Thiefs play at The Artery on February 22
Photo by Roger Boyer


The Noble Thiefs labels their sound as “rock n’ soul”, a unique combination of alterna-rock sounds with melodic, jazz-like vocal harmonies that resists an easy comparison to other bands. “If you like music, you’ll like us” vocalist Myron attests. “We all come from different musical backgrounds, but we can make music that appeals to a lot of people with the way we draw from different genres.” The band is fairly new to the Canadian music scene, but their live performances have already garnered them rave reviews from audiences who describe the shows as fun, lively, and full of energy.

Audiences will be completely enamoured with the four young men, whose passion for their music and their fans is absolutely captivating. When the band was last in Edmonton in October 2012, WHERE Edmonton sat down with the boys for an interview before their show. They were fun, friendly, engaging, passionate, and incredibly interesting – we can’t wait to hear and see more from this deserving and talented act.

The band has played in Edmonton three times before, and each time has performed to completely packed venues and an incredible audience response. They “feel at home” in Edmonton, remarking that they love the river running through the city, the incredible art and music scene, and the way the local architecture incorporates historical buildings.

The band writes all their own songs and each contributes something different to the process; for instance, they agree that Tim, the drummer, likes to try out complex beats and sounds whereas vocalist Myron lends his signature soulful sound  to create songs that they describe as having a “cutting edge, modern indie” sound. The four of them collaborate on each song and combine their creative chemistry to explore the best way to showcase it, even if that means a little artistic sacrifice.

The Noble Thiefs attest that a real band is one that sounds better just as good or, preferably, better live than on a recording, which is a feature of their music that they feel is a strong suit. “We convince people of our musical worthiness and greatness at our live shows,” Ian claims. “There are definitely always people in our audiences who have never heard our music before and walk away from the show wanting to buy our album.” The band is adamant about having a good time on stage and interacting with the audience; “our live shows are for the fans. We want people to feel like they’re a part of something interactive; we want to make that connection.”

The band embraces fans who use their smart phone to take photos and record their shows, claiming that they will watch their own shows on YouTube “like a football team reviews footage after their games”. They say that playing shows is still a trial and error process, and are constantly discovering what songs and sounds audiences best respond to, and what techniques sound good and which don’t. They likewise embrace social media and are very active on Facebook and Twitter; “We love [social media],” Riley admits, “what we say and do is part of our image, and we get that we’re in the public eye. Social media is another way of contributing to our public image.”

When asked about their professional goals as a band, the boys explained that they think that every genre has it’s time, and that there is always room for more and new music. They plan to achieve success with their time commitments to putting passion, energy, and sacrifices into all of their work and career decisions. “We want to succeed,” Myron states, “and it’s persistence that will get us where we want to be. Every year we accomplish bigger and better things. We want to tour the United States, we just released our EP in Europe, we just want to continue to increase our exposure.” At the same time, the band is cautious of taking themselves too seriously and consider themselves to be entrepreneur of music: “we just happen to have the most fun job in the world, but we treat our music like a businesss. We know we want to play music. We know we want to travel. Making those things our job is the goal. If you do what you love you don’t need to be overcompensated for what you’re doing.”

In their quest for musical success, the boys feel that quality will always win out and that their music and lively, meaningful performances is what will convince fans. We couldn’t agree more; a live performance by The Noble Thiefs is a musical experience not to be missed.

What kind of show can you expect on February 22? The Noble Thiefs know that a band becomes redundant very quickly if they keep doing the same thing every time, so they never have a concrete set list. “We see how things flow and how the audience reacts, we like to pick songs that compliment each other.” The band has received standing ovations and encore requests at all of their previous Edmonton shows. If it happens again (believe us, you’ll want to cheer for more), audiences can expect The Noble Thiefs to perform some familiar “pub style” covers, in an attempt to get those in the crowd who who remain unconvinced to be open and receptive to their sound.

Tickets for the show are $10 and will be available at the door, but can be purchased in advance through yeglive.ca. Learn more about The Noble Thiefs and listen to their music at www.thenoblethiefs.com.

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