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Chef Spotlight: Nevin & Kara Fenske

The bright teal truck is hard to miss and is always a welcomed sight for hungry downtowners and festival-goers. And inside, hard at work, is the beloved local dream team. Nevin and Kara Fenske of Drift Food Truck are both NAIT graduates—Nevin from the culinary program and Kara from business management—who love working closely together on their shared passion. Meet Nevin and Kara… 

Photo by Laughing Dog Photography

1. Drift is a staple of Edmonton’s mobile eatery scene. How does that feel? We have worked so hard over the years, so it’s great to know our customers still look forward to us coming out of hibernation every spring. We also love that we have inspired so many other entrepreneurs to open mobile eateries. 

2. What do you love about working and living in Edmonton? We truly are a festival city, and not just in the summer! There is a great community of entrepreneurs here, and everyone is always willing to lend a hand or offer advice. 

3. You’ve helped create other menus in the city. Where else can readers try Drift-inspired dishes? We’ve collaborated with Plaza Bowling, run the food program at the Shamrock Curling Club in the winter season, and now have a concession space at RE/MAX Field during the Prospects [baseball] games. 

4. Tell us more about your collaboration with RE/MAX Field! This year they decided to open four of the concessions to local businesses to create a variety of food options for their fans. We feel that our food is a good fit, and we think it’s great for us to be part of another community-based venue. 

5. What’s a piece of wisdom you’ve learned “on the road”? Never stop trying new things, be adventurous in your business, and there is no such thing as failure. 

Photo by Adrien Guyot

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