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Celtic Thunder Rolls in to Canada

Celtic Thunder brings their "Mythology" tour to Canada Fall 2013. Photo courtesy Strut Entertainment.

Celtic Thunder brings their “Mythology” tour to Canada Fall 2013. Photo courtesy Strut Entertainment.

You can’t help but be put in a good mood by the tracks on Celtic Thunder’s latest album, Mythology. The strong, enticing vocals of the six male vocalists paired with upbeat blends of familiar melodies makes for compelling-yet-catchy tracks. The band — whose sound blends traditional Irish music with contemporary pop and rock influences — typically gets classified as “World Music” and has enjoyed popular and Billboard chart-topping success since their formation in 2007.

WHERE Edmonton spoke with Celtic Thunder baritone Emmet Cahill about the band’s new “Mythology” tour, which is playing across Canada Fall 2013:

Mythology is a brand new show, completely different from anything we’ve ever done before,” Emmet says. “We’ve never toured this material before. We feel like there’s a huge amount of variety with the music we play in this show. Audiences will hear everything from Irish to rock to pop to folk music. It’s just a show that really appeals to the whole family, where different generations can all have a good time. We love seeing people dancing and jumping around, standing up from their seats. We just want everyone to have a good time and enjoy some good music.”

In addition to enjoyable music, the show also features the work of producer Sharon Browne to create an engrossing stage presence with dramatic effects via lighting and choreography. The whole show is an immersive, feel-good experience.

Emmet says he is looking forward for the band to return to Edmonton, especially to take in some of this beautiful (albeit perhaps uncharacteristic) summer-in-September weather. “It’s been raining a lot in Ireland so we appreciate that [the weather is like that]! Last time we were in Edmonton we had time to walk around the city… it’s a nice city, beautiful river valley.”

With tour dates across Canada, there are plenty of opportunities coast-to-coast to check out this World Music sensation:

• September 13, Edmonton, AB
• September 14, Fort McMurray, AB
• September 16, Calgary, AB
• September 17, Estevan, SK
• September 18, Winnipeg, MB
• September 20, Oshawa, ON
• September 21, Toronto, ON
• September 22, Hamilton, ON
• September 24, Moncton, NB
• September 25, Sydney, NS
• September 26, Halifax, NS

Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.


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  1. Chantal Lemieux says:

    Where do I find out the price of the tickets for he Oshawa, Toronto or Hamilton shows?

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