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Author Spotlight: Todd Babiak


Photo courtesy of HarperCollins Canada.

In this hotly anticipated sequel to Todd Babiak’s first political thriller Come Barbarians, security agent Christopher Kruse is dragged back down into the seedy underside of Parisian politics. After the murder of a charismatic politician, a young woman hires Kruse to hunt down the unknown assassin. Violence and deception — and a little bit of romance — await him at every turn.

Babiak’s previous bestsellers, including Toby: A Man and The Garneau Block, were more humourous tales,SonOfFrance so his venture into drama and espionage may seem like an odd move, but Babiak handles the shift with confidence. A nightmare was the catalyst for the genre switch; he was haunted by a dream about a car hitting and killing his daughter in the south of France. The draw of that story — which became Come Barbarians — was so strong that Babiak left his columnist job at The Edmonton Journal and uprooted his family to France for some authentic research.

Son of France is as high-energy as the first novel with many twists, cringe-worthy torture, and a few explosions. Follow Kruse as he treads down neglected Paris streets to uncover the city’s darker secrets and prepare yourself for several shocking surprises. Packed with grit and intrigue, this literary thriller is a satisfying novel with a character who is clearly not one-note. —Matthew Stepanic

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