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Artist Spotlight: Vikki Wiercinski

WHERE: What made you want to become an artist?
Vikki Wiercinski: Being a visual person was the only thing that ever interested me. As a kid, instead of paying attention in, say, math class, I would draw all over my workbooks in school (and get in trouble for it!). Fast forward past graphic design school and somewhere in there I started drawing my abstract shapes and haven’t been able to stop.

W: What mediums do you prefer to work in?
VW: I lean towards mediums that allow me a lot of control while drawing and come in a range of thrilling colours. The drawings here are done in opaque acrylic ink markers as well as water-based markers, and are layered over and over—many drawings have 15 layers or more.

Photos courtesy Vikki Wiercinski

Photos courtesy Vikki Wiercinski

W: What themes or issues do you explore in your art?
VW: At the moment I am very interested in the effects spending time in nature have on one’s headspace. My abstract drawing series, Neon Prairie, started almost two years ago during a camping trip, and were inspired by the landscapes, clouds, and natural shapes around me. Over time I noticed in different places that the drawings took on wildly contrasting shapes, colours, and depths depending on what was going on around me.

W: What artists or works inspire your own?
VW: The work of Alberta artist Alex Janvier, of whom I stand in total awe of. As well as screen-printing pattern maniacs Atelier Bingo from France, Finnish designer Maija Louekari of Marimekko fame, the bright work of Lucienne Day, and the wonderfully crazy dots of Yayoi Kusama.

W: What do you hope people take away from your work?
VW: I work to pause and look at my natural environment a little differently. There are so many shapes and forms and colours around you every day, and it’s pretty thrilling for me to notice that instead of walking by. It is my hope that people can share in enjoying surreal, curious combinations of abstract shapes and colours.

View Wiercinski’s work on her website or follow her on Instagram.

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