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Artist Spotlight: Julia Reimer

WHERE: What made you want to become an artist?
Julia Reimer: The beauty of our natural environment. I have some really clear memories of walking across the Louise Bridge in wintertime and being awestruck by the light reflected on ice floating down the river.

W: What mediums do you prefer to work in?
JR: Glass, glass, and glass—and sometimes metal and wood.

W: What themes or issues do you explore in your art?
JR: The structures and gestures that demonstrate life blooming. Specifically I am interested in how the force of life is manifested in ordinary and minor structures in nature. I feel that, by paying attention to these moments, we can be aware of the daily beauty surrounding us.

W: What artists or works inspire your own?
JR: My husband, Tyler Rock, also works with glass and he is one of the most talented and interesting artists I know. Also, there are a whole host of artists working with glass in Canada (including John Paul Robinson, Caroline Ouellette, Katherine Russell, Jamie Gray, and Ione Thorkelsson) that are creating beautiful objects.

W: What do you hope people take away from your work?
JR: When people look at my work, I hope they respond initially to the beauty of the material. Glass is so gorgeous—the way it plays with light, it is like no other material. I also hope that the viewer will respond to the aesthetics of the piece, and I hope they come away from the work feeling like they have had a glimpse into the beauty of life blooming—even if it’s an ordinary moment.

W: Where can readers view and purchase your work?
JR: There are some world-class galleries that carry our work in Alberta. They are the Alberta Craft Council, Alberta Branded, Bluerock Gallery, Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, and Oeno Gallery. Our studio is also open to visitors for purchases and classes. More information can be found at our website.

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