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Artist Spotlight: Caitlin Bodewitz

WHERE: What made you want to become an artist?
Caitlin Bodewitz: I attribute a lot of my creative pursuit to my unique upbringing. I was raised on a mountain in a secluded community called Powder King in the Pine Pass of northern B.C. My childhood was rooted in using my imagination, being active, and connecting with nature, which are all now integral parts of my practice.

W: What mediums do you prefer to work in?
CB: I am a mixed-media printmaker that incorporates silk-screening with drawings and photography onto birch wood. I also work with reclaimed materials such as barn wood and wood waste from the construction and design industries as a medium for large-scale wood murals.

W: What themes or issues do you explore in your art?
CB: I am interested in reflecting on the relationships between nature and urban influences. The adaptability and abundance of wildlife in a city river valley fascinates me, and on the other end of the spectrum, provincial park infrastructure and waste left by hikers in the backcountry concerns me. By observing the interactions of these two opposing realms, I attempt to seek a balance, questioning if there is a space for these two worlds to respectfully co-exist. Visually I explore this by juxtaposing nature and geometry, creating tension between something organic and something structured to find a cohesive composition or relationship.

W: What do you hope people take away from your work?
CB: I hope my creations contribute to the celebration, education, and conservation of our planet. By bringing a little piece of nature in their homes, I hope the viewers will think more critically about their role in protecting and keeping our planet and animals safe and wild.

W: Where can readers view and/or purchase your work?
CB: On my website, which also lists stores across Canada that I sell out of, including TIX on the Square. They can also visit my Etsy store and Instagram @CMBPrintWorks.

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