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Top 5 Places for a Diner Breakfast

by John Gilchrist

1. Dairy Lane Cafe

Dairy Lane, opened in 1950, has been re-born with local, sustainable ingredients and simple, made-to-order presentation. And they still make a fine plate of eggs.

2.Diner Deluxe

It’s retro and cutting-edge at the same time and there will be lineups on the weekend. Folks love the ‘50s atmosphere at Diner Deluxe and the hearty menu of Johnnycakes, grilled grapefruit, and eggs Benedict done four ways.

3.Galaxie Diner

The breakfast burrito of scrambled eggs, cheese, mushrooms, onions, peppers, bacon, and sausage rules at Galaxie Diner, a tiny and perpetually busy joint in The Beltline.

4. Over Easy Breakfast

It seems like everything comes with eggs at Over Easy Breakfast, which is not a bad thing. From omelettes and Benedicts to crepes and, of course, simple over-easy platters, the food is hot, fresh, and served with panache.

5.Red’s Diner

The buttermilk buckwheat pancakes are a hit at Red’s Diner, located in what once was a fur shop. Red’s is one of the few places where you can get a fine diner breakfast and a good cup of espresso at the same time.

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