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Review: Dangerous Corner at Vertigo Mystery Theatre

Image courtesy of VertigoTheatre.com

Last night’s performance of J.B. Priestley’s “Dangerous Corner” kicked off the 35th season of Vertigo Mystery Theatre. The audience plays detective as characters reveal key points about themselves, slowly unfolding the tale of what really happened a year ago when their friend Martin allegedly committed suicide.

Each of the characters delivered a few good one-liners to give the audience a moment to breathe (and laugh!) before diving back into the sustained tension of the plot. The intimate space combined with the sense that everyone there was in on the joke, made it feel more like watching a performance in the living room of a good friend.

Scott Reid’s beautifully detailed set was richly presented, and┬áCody Thompson, who played Gordon Whitehouse, made his professional debut as part of an internship co-sponsored by Vertigo and the University of Calgary.

Overall, the play’s smart dialogue and believable emotions made it highly entertaining and audience was left thinking about how delicate the balance is between lies and truth, and how quickly all of our illusions can unravel.

Tickets $26-$50, call (403) 221-3708 or visit VertigoTheatre.com.

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