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Massage Therapist Extraordinaire

Francis Cabucos has touched the lives of hundreds of people, and he’s done it all as a 26-year-old registered massage therapist.

Six years ago, had Cabucos been asked what he wanted to do with his life, he would have been hard pressed to come up with an answer. He knew he wanted to help people, but while studying psychology and sociology at the University of Calgary, he didn’t feel right. Something was still missing.

Everything changed when a continuing education brochure for massage therapy arrived in the mail. On a lark, he decided to give the program a shot.

During his time in school, Cabucos realized his training in social sciences would be an asset as a massage therapist. To Cabucos, massage wasn’t just about applying the right physical pressure, it was about helping people mentally and emotionally. “I understood the connection between the massage and the therapy,” he recalls.

After graduating, Cabucos got a job working for a cruise ship spa. For two years, Cabucos travelled the world while improving his skills as a massage therapist. He worked for months in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, before moving on to Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam and China. While docked in Japan, he learned Shiatsu, and in Australia he learned the art of healing stones from a person he refers to as “The Bohemian.”

Arriving back to Calgary in 2007, he applied to Sante Spa. As one of the first medical spas in Canada, Sante Spa fit in with Cabucos’s belief that massage therapy should be more than physical. He was hired almost immediately, and has been there ever since.

In a spa of 30 employees, Cabucos is the only male on staff, but that suits him just fine. “One of the advantages of being a male therapist is that I’m able to provide a different experience for my patients.” There is no doubt about his popularity—he has over a hundred regulars in just two years.

To truly help those he comes in contact with, Cabucos does morning yoga to prepare mentally for the day, and visits a chiropractor every two weeks to ensure his forearms and hands are in top working order.—Richard Saad

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