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Hot Shopping

Trendy ties, bra bags and 1920s glam

By Laura Pellerine

Flapper headband by Lora Bui, $85 at Shisomiso.


Go 1920s glam with these stylish headbands made by local designer Lora Bui. Handmade with goose feathers, pearls, and Swarovski crystals, each is a one of a kind. You can also dress them up or down; Bui says they’re appropriate for formal events like charity dinners or more casual occasions like afternoon tea with your girlfriends. Find them in blue, black, white and red for $85 at Shisomiso.


Smartie pants mompreneur Jane Webb has come up with a cute and creative solution to keeping your bras in good condition when you’re travelling. Enter: the “Bra Bag.” These protective totes can hold between one-to-six bras and come in a range of colours and patterns from Tiffany blue and hot pink to polka dots with trims like lace and velvet. There are also “buxom” sizes that go up to a ‘G’ cup. The company also recently launched a line of “Panty Paks” designed to organize your clean and “not so clean” undies while you travel. Pick up a Bra Bag for $51 or a Panty Pak for $31 at The Spa Ritual.

Canali Ties, $165 at Harry Rosen.


One of the hottest looks for men this season is a brightly coloured tie. Bold floral, paisley or geometric patterns add even more flair—and be sure to choose a tie with a slim silhouette (7 to 9 cm wide). Harry Rosen carries a nice selection of colours and designer labels like Canali, BOSS Black and Altea. We like these by Canali, $165 each.


Love Potion is an alluring mixture of jasmine, sambac, tangerine, patchouli and cedar wood. Made with essential oils from real jasmine flowers, (800 lbs of fresh flowers produces one pound of oil) this is a confidence boosting scent created by aromatherapist and owner of Ascention Aromatics Garry Belleau. Belleau says the scent has been a customer favourite since he first opened the store 15 years ago. Pick it up in a sensual mist ($16), massage oil ($21), diffuser oil ($16), or roll-on perfume ($23), 904 Edmonton Tr NE. —Amanda Edmond

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One response to “Hot Shopping”

  1. Pam Aldred says:

    Hot Shopping articles are great to find the newest trends in Calgary shopping.
    Iappeal, located in Kensington, has a new local designer called Energy Jewelry. The necklaces are sterling silver and semi-precious stones and are a combination of different stones to promote positive influences. Check it out!

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