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Hot Shopping

By Laura Pellerine

Editor’s Pick: Pretty Little Shop

Pretty Little Things

We love, love, love this hidden gem nestled inside the illusive historic Snowdon Building in Ramsay. Pretty Little Things is a charming homage to all things vintage chic: think Mad Men-esque bright office attire, gilded antique picture frames, leather gloves from Paris and oh so many period hats. Owner Debbie Dalen also handwrites her item tags with sayings like, “I love this vintage slip. If it were my size, you would not be reading this,” and “Wow! So pretty and classic! Wear with leggings or cigarette pants.” Dalen also brings in current high-quality consignment items—clothes, shoes and home furnishings that she feels are unique and funky enough to mix well with vintage stylings. Consider this fair warning: expect to come out with more than you went in for, 2010 – 11 St SE.

Follow the Silk Road

Also in the Snowdon Building is the new location of The Silk Road Spice Merchant. A favourite at the Calgary Farmers’ Market, it opened this past September. The space oozes with character with dark hardwood floors, delicious homemade scones from Sidewalk Citizen Bakery and shelves of colourful hand-mixed, spices that you can take down and smell. On site are approximately 200 individual herbs and spices, and more than 60 spice blends. Many are ground on site using spices imported from around the world. We recommend the roasted garlic powder, the Vietnamese Saigon Cassia cinnamon and the black truffle salt. Prices range from $4.50 – $18, 2010A – 11 St SE.

Delightful Truffles

Leonida's Belgian Chocolates

For a true indulgence, seek out some of the city’s top chocolatiers for a silky smooth truffle. The white chocolate and pistachio truffle at Leonida’s, stuffed with cream, white chocolate and pistachio, shouldn’t be missed. Or stick with their truffe classique—ganache with dark and milk chocolate, coated with dark chocolate and cocoa powder—a simple and divine delight, 815 – 49 Ave SW. Les Truffes au Chocolat in Banker’s Hall suits the more adventurous sweet-tooths, with a variety of flavours, like maple whiskey or dark amber beer accented truffles, 315 – 8 Ave SW.

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