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Hot Art

Western artwork, glorified violence and an art show to raise awareness about water

By Derek Neumeier

Stefanja Dumanowski, Above and Below

To July 10

Calgarian Stefanja Dumanowski uses photography and digital manipulation to create colourful, luminous images. Her pieces are abstract forays into nature’s beauty, often laden with symbols pertaining to life and death. Her show Mind Glow will be featured at the Herringer Kiss Gallery.

Paul Van Ginkel, Loyal Friends

To August 6

The Art of the Calgary Stampede showcases over 100 sculptures, paintings and drawings gathered from galleries and collectors across the province. See art from the earliest years of the Stampede, as well as more recent pieces that signify western history and culture.

See it at the University of Calgary’s Nickle Arts Museum, which is running another western-themed exhibition called Taking the Reins: Horses, Power and Prestige.

Julian Forrest, 33 Seconds

July 3 to August 29

Edmonton-based artist Julian Forrest explores themes of glorified violence and masculinity in his paintings inspired by online media images. Some topics include playground fights and wild dogs hunting.

His newest exhibit can be found in The New Gallery’s Plus-15 window at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTEDEndeavor Arts is looking towards the future. The owners of this new and unique 2,800-square-foot space will focus on works that are inventive. One half of the space acts as a digital gallery, with high-quality screens showing rotating artwork, while the other half displays creative forms of mixed media.The gallery is located at 12 Ave and 1 St SW, an up-and-coming area that is emerging as the heart of downtown's Victoria Crossing neighbourhood.Cate Cameron

Photographer Cate Cameron and writer Melanie Jones’ Waves Of Change is a detailed documentary exhibit about the importance of water in underdeveloped countries. By showcasing powerful personal stories and intimate images the two provide a face to the crisis in sub-Saharan Africa and India that leaves millions without safe, accessible drinking water.

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